Adel Abdessemed

<span class="alinea"></span>Born in Constantine, northern Algeria, in 1971, Adel Abdessemed lives and works in Paris and London. In his work—whether sculpture, video, drawing, or photography—he formulates critical statements about the world we live in today. <i>Practice Zero Tolerance</i>, a terracotta cast of a run-down car, burned to black in an oven, was created by Abdessemed in response to the violent riots that took place in French suburbs in November 2005, during which close to 9,000 vehicles were set on fire. For the title of the work, Abdessemed borrowed the intransigent slogan adopted by the authorities in response to these upheavals. Included in the exhibition “In Praise of Doubt” at Punta della Dogana in 2011, <i>Practice Zero Tolerance</i> will be displayed at the Mucem in Marseille. <b>L.E.</b>
Adel ABDESSEMED <br><i>Practice Zero Tolerance</i>, 2006 <br>Sculpture, cast of a BMW, <br>terracotta <br>440 × 140 × 140 cm

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